At Standard Talks, Slow Food and Fashion Align (Event)


Ethical fashion and food have long been connected. Yet widespread responsible practices in fashion trail behind their kissing cousin, the slow food movement. Makeshift 2014 aims to change this.

On Saturday, “Connecting Love & Raw Materials in Food, Fashion, & Design” featured slow design pioneer Natalie Chanin in conversation with 2014 James Beard Award-winner Ashley Christensen.


Located atop The Standard, East Village, in a glass-walled penthouse suite, the talk, in it’s third consecutive year, brought together thought leaders, creators, and writers.

The engaging event involved the audience. All were invited to finger knit and decorate a canvas tote while listening to Chanin and Christensen discuss the intersection between food and design.


Raleigh, North Carolina-based chef and restaurateur is known for recreating classic comfort food with a local and seasonal twist. Christensen’s inspiration is at the root of her success.

"Our big role in sourcing is not just to buy these things and share them but to help people understand why we need to pay for them," says Christensen. She continues, below.

"In turn, they go and start to support these farmer’s markets and it’s the neatest thing in the world for us, for someone to come in and say, ‘Oh wow, Bill’s growing this. I bought it at that farmer’s market two weeks ago and this is our favorite variety of this tomato.’"


Quality is the new luxury. It speaks for itself and inspires changes in thought, and in turn, action.

Photos: Jesse Untracht-Oakner

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