How long after laser hair removal can I fake tan?

You should also avoid self-tanners for at least four weeks after treatment. On the treatment day, you will have to skip on moisturizers, lotions or oils to avoid complications and a possibility of discoloration.

Can I put fake tan on after laser hair removal?

People with tanned skin are generally discouraged from Laser Hair Removal treatments as any type of tanning whether it be from the sun, solarium or fake tan, changes your natural skin pigmentation. … Try and stay out of the sun! Avoid solariums, fake tanning lotions and moisturisers that have a gradual tanning agent.

When can I fake tan after laser hair removal?

Fake tanning season has passed (for the most part)

Clients should not use spray tans or tanning moisturisers for a minimum of 2 weeks before and after your laser hair removal treatment. If you do use fake tan, please ensure any remnants are completely exfoliated and removed prior to treatment.

What does fake tan do to laser hair removal?

Why you need to avoid a tan before a laser treatment

A tan, regardless of whether it is real or fake, can also make skin more sensitive to the heat emitted during laser hair removal. “Fake tan products can contain chemicals and clog pores, which results in the skin being more reactive if heat is applied to the area”.

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What happens if you put tan on after laser hair removal?

Lasers used for hair removal cannot distinguish between them. Sunlight, sunbeds, spray tan and self-tanners will all alter the natural colour tone of your skin. For this reason, it is important to try to avoid these when undergoing a course of laser treatment.

How long after laser hair removal can I shave?

If you shave too quickly you may irritate the skin even more, so waiting at least three or four days after your treatment is usually ideal. A few days following your laser hair removal treatment, you may notice your hair shedding.