You asked: Can you get LOC extensions with relaxed hair?

Yes, we can start your Dreadlocks even if you have Relaxed hair. YOU DON’T NEED TO CUT OFF YOUR CHEMICAL RELAXED HAIR to start your Dreadlocks.

Can you get locs with relaxed hair?

You can start now with your relaxer. As your hair grows out, you can trim your relaxed ends over time. … The other option, of course, is a big chop, which is cutting off all your relaxer and starting locs with 100% natural hair. This is the most reliable way to ensure healthy, strong locs.

How long does hair have to be for permanent LOC extensions?

How long does my hair have to be for dreadlock extensions? Hair needs to be a minimum length of 4 to 5 inches. We suggest 5 inches but if you don’t mind a little extra maintenance, 4 inches is perfectly fine. Your hair must be long enough to support the weight of the dreads so the length will vary. .

What can you not do with relaxed hair?

Because the process of relaxing hair weakens follicles, you’ll want to avoid using excessive heat as it can easily cause damage. Instead, opt for alternative smoothing methods such as sleeping with a silk or satin scarf to flatten hair, or using a wrapping foam or leave-in-conditioner to soften and smooth hair.

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Is the LOC method good for relaxed hair?

We all know that locking moisture into the hair is crucial to retaining length and, of course, keeping your hair hydrated in the winter months can seem like an endless battle! Though the L.O.C and L.C.O method is commonly used in the natural hair care community, relaxed ladies can benefit from it too.

Can you LOC damaged hair?

Can you treat heat damaged hair and save the length? … You can condition as you would normal locs, but if your hair is damaged your best efforts will be to let it go. Trying to save the damaged hair is sort of like harping on the past, something you can not control.

Can sisterlocks be done on relaxed hair?

​No, you don’t have to cut your hair. Sisterlocks can be started with your relaxed length left untouched as relaxed hair will not lock. As your hair grows, and is set into a locked pattern, your relaxed hair will be trimmed away.

Can you start dreads with damaged hair?

Brittle and broken hair is a recipe for future disaster, and therefore not a recommended way to start your locs. The reason being that your locs can end up with many weak spots which makes them more susceptible to breaking off a few months (or years) down the line.

How many locs make a full head?

The average number of locs for an adult head ranges 40 to 110 depending on what size they are. Your hair volume and size loc you want determines how many bundles you need.

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Do Loc extensions thin your hair?

The weight of the extensions will make it difficult to style and can cause hair loss due to tension and traction. Wrapped correctly, the end of the loc will be sealed, but some stylists will burn the ends. Burning the ends can only be done with synthetic hair.

What the shortest hair you can put extensions in?

For clip-in extensions, your hair needs to be at least 3-4 inches (7-10 cm) long to cover the clip base and properly attach the clips so they don’t cause discomfort. Three inches (7 cm) is about the minimum length for tape-in extensions, too.

Should you comb through relaxer?

Combing the Relaxer Through

Smoothing, not combing. Combing can lead to severe breakage. Only use your fingers to smooth the chemicals through.

Which relaxer is best for hair growth?

10 Best Relaxers For Black Hair

  • Avlon Fiber Guard Sensitive Scalp Relaxer Kit. …
  • ORS Olive Oil Professional Creme Relaxer. …
  • TCB Hair Relaxer. …
  • Luster’s ShortLooks Color Relaxer. …
  • Hawaiian Silky No-Lye Relaxer. …
  • Miracle’s New Growth No-lye Relaxer. …
  • ORS Olive Oil Organic Root Stimulator No-Lye Relaxer.

How many minutes should relaxer stay on hair?

Be sure to work quickly and carefully within the processing time for your chosen relaxer. Ten to 15 minutes is usually sufficient and anything longer can cause damage. If you feel tingling and burning, you’ve waited too long to rinse the relaxer out of your hair.