You asked: Is protein bad for hair extensions?

DO NOT use protein based products on your hair extensions. This can and will cause tangling and matting. Damage can happen instantly and is irreversible after just one use of a protein based product.

What does protein do to hair extensions?

Protein on your hair extensions can throw off the moisture balance making hair more prone to breakage, frizz and damage. Due to the fact the extensions have already undergone an intense chemical process you cannot use keratin or protein on your hair extensions as they are unable to absorb it correctly.

What ingredients are bad for hair extensions?

Avoid all hair products that contain sulfate and alcohol and any products that have the following on the ingredients list SLS, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Alcohol denat, Ethanol, SD alcohol 40, Propanol, Isopropyl, and Propyl. You can check for these ingredients by simply turning over the bottle!

Can you use wheat protein on hair extensions?

Check the Ingredients DO NOT USE ON YOUR EXTENSIONS if it states any form of protein, keratin, wheat, or silk amino acids. … ~ Use protein-free heat protectors before heat styling and drop your temperature down to prevent drying out and shortening your extension lifespan.

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Do and don’ts of hair extensions?

The Do’s and Don’ts of Having Hair Extensions

  • Don’t do anything in excess. Don’t use any oily products, especially at the top where the extensions are bonded to the hair. …
  • Don’t over-wash it. …
  • Do take care of your hair with the right products. …
  • Don’t use just any brush.

Is protein good for extensions?

Which product should I use? The common shampoo and conditioner are not recommended for the extensions. Protein-rich products are necessary to fill as much as possible the lack of a natural nourishment. Use and suggest specific products for treated dyed hair, recommended also for hair extensions.

Can you do a protein treatment on extensions?

Protein treatments should be done once every 8 weeks so if you plan on having your sew in for 2 months, a protein treatment before and straight after the install is a must. A light protein is also necessary every two weeks once your extensions have been installed.

Is sulfate bad for hair extensions?

In 1934, Procter & Gamble introduced the first sulfate based shampoo into modern hair care systems, with everyone else soon following due to the vast improvement this ingredient had on the overall satisfaction and effectiveness of shampoo formulas.

What shampoo should you not use on extensions?

Shampoos and hair care products

Moisturising shampoos and conditioners are NOT recommended as these can cause slipping of your tape. Also, we recommend not using any shampoo and / or conditioner that contains sulfates. Similarly, you should avoid the use of any oils, such as; argan oil, moroccan oil etc.

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What ingredients to avoid for tape in extensions?

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate/Sodium Laureth Sulfate.

Sulfates are the number one ingredient you should be avoiding if you’re wearing hair extensions because they dry out your hair like crazy.

How can I keep my extensions soft?


  1. Tips for washing your hair extensions. …
  2. Use a Low heat setting and a Heat Protection Spray. …
  3. Use the correct brush and brushing technique on your hair extensions. …
  4. Avoid blowdrying your hair extensions. …
  5. Don’t leave your extensions in direct sunlight.

Is Moroccan oil good for hair extensions?

Argan oil is your hairs best friend.

Using Argan/Moroccan oil each night before bed is essential for your extensions and will prevent dryness and split ends!

Can I oil my hair with extensions?

The truth is hair oils are absolutely beneficial to your hair as well as to your extensions when applied at the midshaft all the way to the tips. … Just keep in mind not to apply them at the roots or at the weft bonds or else the microbeads or adhesives will break faster.

Do you need to take a break from hair extensions?

FACT: If hair extensions are properly applied and removed, your hair will remain undamaged, and so there is no need to take a break between different hair extension applications. Most people prefer to have their extensions maintained every 6-8 week to avoid having to remove them all and replace them all at once.